Tesaříkova 4/1028, 102 00 Prague 10

Klinika Na Košíku

is a private medical facility that has been operating a neurorehabilitation follow-up care clinic since 2009. We provide nursing and rehabilitation care to patients who require follow-up treatment, rehabilitation and practice in how to be self-sufficient following an acute illness or after surgery.

We offer

  • a high standard of nursing care
  • 24-hour medical care
  • intensive rehabilitation every day of the week
  • occupational therapy, speech therapy
  • accommodation also for clients living outside Prague and foreigners
  • a park with wheelchair access
  • the opportunity for palliative care

24-hour-a-day medical care

  • We provide continuous therapeutic rehabilitation and nursing care to patients who require follow-up treatment and rehabilitation following an acute illness or after surgery, especially after a stroke or orthopaedic surgery, patients with a long-term chronic illness and cancer patients.
  • Our goal is all-round care. Intensive exercise is done under medical supervision and by having a human and sensitive approach towards patients and their relatives it contributes to patients' happiness, thus improving their health.
  • Our medical team consists of specialists in internal medicine, cardiology, orthopaedics, geriatrics, haematology and nephrology. Any neurological, psychological and psychiatric consultations that are required are provided through contractual collaboration.


  • Intensive rehabilitation forms the basis of the treatment when staying in our clinic.
  • A qualified team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work under the guidance of rehabilitation physicians. Physiotherapy takes place every day of the week and is prepared individually according to each patient's needs and illness. It mainly involves therapeutic physical training, practice in walking, group fitness exercises, practising cognitive functions, massage and practising how to be self-sufficient.

Nursing care

  • Intensive nursing care focuses on patients' needs that have arisen or changed due to their illness. The concept is constructed in such a way as to achieve the greatest possible development of self-sufficiency, in particular in hygiene and basic self-care.

Treatment of wounds and pressure sores

  • We achieve success in the treatment of wounds, skin defects and pressure sores. Prevention involves thorough nursing care, the use of anti-decubitus mattresses and positioning. We have made advances in our treatment by introducing modern methods of healing wounds (wet therapy, vacuum therapy – Vivano system, PICO).

Receiving patients

  • We receive patients who are transferred from a hospital bed or on the recommendation of a specialist or general practitioner. The patient's state of health must be stabilised but at the same time his or her needs are beyond the capabilities of home care. The length of stay in our facility always depends on the patient's state of health. In order for patient to be admitted a recommendation for the attending physician in the form of written request is required.